Omega ITES Solutions

Data Entry / Data Capture

Basic data entry is an operation which can be crucial to thebusiness workflow, but can be very costly when performed in-house. Our expertstaff provides high quality data entry with up to99.995% accuracy level.

Our 24-hour, 7 days a week production centers supported by3,000 operators, enable us to efficiently process data for customers from anytime zone online, offline or via remote desktop. We convert your paper, form,book or old computer files into organized useful digital information.

With years’ experience in data processing industry, we havethe capacity and expertise to process any type of data, typed or handwritten,to and from any format.

We have invested consistently not only in operators trainingbut also in validation and quality control processes. All these guarantee us toprovide the highest of quality for all data processed.

Utilizing the latest technology, supported by 150 analystsand programmers, we key thousands of documents each week across a wide varietyof document types on paper or image.

Services Offered

(1) High speed, large volume data entry from papers

(2) High speed, large volume data entry from images

    (3) High speed, largevolume scanning, OCR, clean-up and indexing

(4) Image and data capture services

(5) Surveys and various handwritten forms

(6) Digital Publishing by combining traditional typesettingskills with

high-end ePublishing technologies to present a uniqueoutsourcing


(7) CRM Data Entry

(8) Data Entry / Keyboarding / Word Processing

(9) Convert hard copy books into electronic media

(10) Conversion from Paper or E-file to Multiple DigitalFormats

    including: ASCIIFlat, ASCII with delimiters, DBF, RTF, PDF,

Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, XML, SGML, HTML, etc.

(11) Convert mass of information currently stored in anyform into

usable, efficient data on CD or database or digitized form,including symposium proceedings, dissertations etc.

(12) Data conversion of text/graphics, books, magazines,financial, legal matters etc. into digitized form.

(13) Names & Addresses capture, clean-up, validation,de-duplication and standardization

(14) Printing Services

(15) Complete Traditional Regional Language Conversion

(16) Web Data Extraction / Web Data Capture

Some examples for data entry jobs:

(1) Application forms (credit card, sales draft,cancellation letters, personal loan, school admission exercise, etc.)

(2) Survey / Research Forms

(3) Warranty Cards / Customer Satisfaction Cards /Registration Cards / Rebate forms / Coupons

(4) Questionnaires

(5) Test papers

(6) Business Directories / Yellow Pages / White Pages

(7) Mailing Lists/ Telephone Lists

(8) Catalogues/ Manuals

(9) Library Records

(10) Government records

(11) Inventories

(12) Archived Files

(13) Legal Files

(14) Product Inquiry Cards

(15) Order Forms

... and many more